Mixed Info On NLP

Mixed Info On Natural Language Processing

🤸‍♀️ Applications

🔠 Neural Machine Translation

  • A machine translation model is similar to a language model except it has an encoder network placed before.
  • It is sometimes referred as a conditional language model.

🕵️‍♀️ Neural Machine Translation with Attention

  • If you had to translate a book's paragraph from French to English, you would not read the whole paragraph, then close the book and translate 😅
  • Even during the translation process, you would read/re-read and focus on the parts of the French paragraph corresponding to the parts of the English you are writing down 🤔
  • The attention mechanism tells a Neural Machine Translation model where it should pay attention to at any step 👩‍🏫

🔊 Speech Recognition

  • Converting an audio (x-input) to text (y-output)
    • By measuring air pressure 🙄
  • Sequence-to-Sequence model
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