📕 Notebooks

🚩 Meta Characters

🎎 Character Matches

🎀 Symbol
📃 Description
Single character
Start of a string
End of a string
One of the set of characters within []
One of the range of characters
Not a, b or c
a or b (a and b are strings)
Scoping for operators
Passive grouping (details)
Escape character

🎇 Character Symbols

🎀 Symbol
📃 Description
🤯 Equivalent
Word boundary
Any digit
Any non-digit
Any whitespace
[ \t\n\r\f\v]
Any non-whitespace
[^ \t\n\r\f\v]
Alphanumeric character
Non-alphanumeric character

💫 Repetitions

🎀 Symbol
📃 Description
Zero or more occurrences
One or more occurrences
Zero or one occurrences
Exactly n repetitions
At least n repetitions
At most n repetitions
At least m and at most n repetitions

🧐 Useful Examples

🧩 Regex
📜 Description
Finds all lines start with specific string

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